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How to Get Good Leads...When You Don't Know A Soul In Town
Contributed By Tracy Cook

    I just spent an incredible 24 hours at Bett Vernon's fall retreat with NSD's Cindy Williams and Glenda Seacrist. One of Bett;s directors, Tracy Cook, has moved 4 or 5 times (her hubbie is military) and she shared how she gets started in an area where she doesn't know a soul.

    She sets aside Monday and Tuesday mornings to honor professional business women in the area with carnations and chocolates. She ties small chocolate bars to carnations with curling ribbon. She goes into a local professional office (doctor, lawyer, bank, etc.) and says:

    "Hi, I'm Tracy Cook with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Each week I honor professional business women in this area by giving them carnations and chocolates. I'm not here to sell anything or solicit as my company doesn't allow me to do that. Is there any reason why I couldn't honor the women in your office?"

    She said she sometimes gets told no, but usually they say yes. She then repeats the same thing to each woman and says, "I'm giving away (You pick what you want to give away) to one of the women I'm honoring today. If you give me your name and number where I can reach you tonight, I'll call you with the results of the drawing." She then hands them the reply part of our tent card. Do NOT give them your card - that is soliciting!

    Then she calls them back and says: "This is Tracy with Mary Kay Cosmetics..I met you this morning when I was handing out the carnations and chocolates. I'm calling to give you the results of the drawing. You weren't the Grand Prize winner but you were a winner of your choice of a pampering session and a $10 gift certificate in Mary Kay products. Which would you prefer, a skin care and glamour makeover or an aromatherapy body care session?"

    I tried this yesterday. I had a doctor's appointment Monday and before I left asked the doctor if there was any reason I couldn't honor his office the following day. He said ok. That gave me courage and obligated me to follow through. Upon leaving I asked how many worked in the office and they said 50! There were only about 30 but I made up 50 carnations. I didn't want to waste the others so I went into a neighboring office cold - and didn't get kicked out! So I went into 4 more offices cold - all were excited! I gave out 48 carnations, got 42 leads. Last night I reached 20 of them (had to leave messages at the others) and booked 14!!!!!!!! Snowblindness on my datebook is a thing of the past!

    Thank you TRACY!