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This page will have lots of information for you to use in your skin care classes, shows and recruiting appointments. There is even MORE information on the MK Website. If, while perusing the MK site, you come across something YOU fall in love with, email me and I'll put it on this site. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to find!
PDF Files - You will need Acrobat Reader to download and print these documents.


New Template for Clear Tray Inserts! (no more labeling the trays! Just print, cut out and place under the clear trays!)

 Muffins & Makeovers Postcard Invitation [PDF] [Publisher]


Skin Care Class Checklist

Website Gift Certificates
This is from NSD Cindy Williams website and is a FANTASTIC way to get new names where the PROSPECT goes to your website and puts her info in HERSELF to redeem her $10 coupon. READ through ALL of this and put it into ACTION TODAY!

CURRENT Skin Care Class Opinion Poll: (with Microdermabrasion Set)

Create-A-Look Info Sheet The information on this form is NOW included on the new Customer Profiles from the company!! But use this sheet if you still have old profiles!! No need to waste paper!!

Product Knowledge Lables
Print on Avery 8160 labels and stick on the back of products in your roll up bag. You will look so SMART!!

Warm Chat Boot Camp Tracking Sheet

24-24-24 Challenge
I suggest you offer someone selling for you a prize like the empty rollup bag!

Skin Care Class-In-A-Bag

David Cooper's 75 Positive Questions Flash Cards
pdf file

Skin Care Class Mini Flip Chart
pdf file






Recruiting Notebook & Inventory Chart


Tax Forms
Mileage Form
(make 12 copies and put them in your glove compartment...fill out a new one each month)

Link to Jeff Peterson's site: for other tax forms


Mary Kay Money for Auctions
Auction $$ Front
Auction $$ Back

(Print off both pdf files on separate sheets and have printer make copies of colored paper)

$10 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate

Color Certification Portfolio

Before & After Portfolio
(Portfolio pages start on page 11. The first 11 pages
are for conducting a Color Certification Class and is based on
info/products from before our new foundations)

Foundation Conversion Chart

pdf file of old foundations and equivalent new foundations