Light Your Fuse!

Self-Esteem Promise Keeper
by Jewel Diamond Taylor

Each day I promise my self to GET UP with an attitude of gratitude.

I promise to WAKE UP to my opportunities and overcome laziness, disorder and procrastination.

I will BOUNCE UP from yesterday's sorrows and regrets.

I will CHEER UP and think positive.

I will SPEAK UP for myself knowing that I deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

I will REACH UP to God for daily guidance.

I am willing to do whatever is necessary this day to grow, improve, and MEASURE UP to the demands, changes, and miracles in my life. Much is required of me today and I will meet the challenge.

I will STEP UP to each task with enthusiasm and follow through. Worry, anger, doubt, fear and self-criticism are a waste of my time. Self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-determination will free me from negative influences.

I OPEN UP my mind to my potential and personal power to succeed and overcome obstacles.

I SEND UP my prayers of thanksgiving for life, health, shelter, food, clothing, transportation, loving relationships, and abundant income. I will manage my time, money, and emotions wisely today.

I will LIVE UP to the highest and best in me.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I promise to seek balance in family, work, and play. I will seek progress and completion of my personal and professional goals by remember that....

"The main thing is to keep the MAIN thing the MAIN THING!"

Have you ever thought of yourself as a "professional sharer"? Think of yourself as the person in charge of public relations. If you were opening a new restaurant, you would want to share the news with everyone. Some people will try it and some will not, depending on the type of food they like and what kind of restaurant you have chosen to open. I know you would not take their likes and dislikes of certain types of foods personally. Please realize when you share your direct sales business, it is the same thing. Sharing is giving people an opportunity to say “yes” or “no," based on their preferences. When you share for the true purpose of sharing, you are offering someone the chance to make a choice. Their “yes” or “no” is just that, their choice about what is being offered.
Make this your best summer ever! Focus on sharing with everyone as you enjoy your summer. Live by this philosophy; "It is perfectly ok for people to say ‘no, thank you’ when I share, but it is not ok for me to hesitate to share because they might say no.” I want to encourage you to learn my language of "sharing and caring." Knowing how and what to say will make you feel comfortable. If someone says “no, I am not interested,” then just smile and say, "Thanks so much for being honest with me. I am so glad you felt you could be." Watch how people relax when you use those word choices.

I hope you will decide to take the leap and decide that you need to make a commitment to share 5 times a day this summer. Watch your business grow as you enjoy all your summer activities! Remember, you share to find out if someone has a need - it is not to fill your need. When you share with everyone, you find the people who have the needs and your business will definitely go Up, Up and Away! - Ilene Meckley

"We all have the same 24 hours, it is what we do with it that makes the difference. Success is a daily event." - Dr. M. Scott Peck

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit."
- Napoleon Hill

"The definition of successful people is simply ordinary people with extraordinary determination. You cannot keep determined people from success. If you place stumbling blocks in their way, they will use them for stepping-stones and climb to new heights. People who succeed have a goal, a dream and make their plans and follow them." - Mary Kay Ash