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Recruiting Tips & Training

Here is a list of "Tips & Training" for Recruiting. More will be added here as I come across helpful ideas.

How many of these fears are yours?????
FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

Why We Don't Ask

We often hear of Consultants and Directors who knew Mary Kay women for years
before anyone ever asked them to join the Company. Think of the many who are never asked! We book and sell and smile and keep this great Company
a big secret. We do it every day. Are YOU guilty? If you worked your Mary Kay business at all this week and didn't talk about the opportunity, you are indeed guilty.

Fact: Many Consultants are afraid of rejection.

She would be saying no to the opportunity, not to you.  Try to concentrate on
her possibilities and not your fears.  You will find the career much easier!

Fact: Last year, the top Director earned over $400,000 and the top National Director over $750,000.

These women started just as we all do.
Are you choosing to deny her an
opportunity to earn that kind of income?

Fact: Many Consultants worry they do not know enough to train someone else.

Her ongoing training is provided by her Director and her experience.   

Fact: Many Consultants worry we will become saturated.

80% of our Consultants do 20% of the work. We have touched less than 10% of
the cosmetic market.  The population gets older every day; we will always
have new customers!

Fact: Some Consultants are themselves skeptical of the opportunity.

Do some research. Answer your own questions. Improve your own attitude and watch your results improve.

Fact: Some Consultants worry there will not be enough support for their new recruit.

Those Consultants choose not to participate in Unit activities and work closely with their Director. Your new recruit might choose to participate and zoom to the top!

Fact: Many Consultants assume women will ask if they are interested.

Wrong.  They have no idea how the business works.

Fact: Many Consultants stop pursuing their prospect too quickly.

Women want to be convinced. They want someone to believe in them and tell them so.  They lack self-confidence and need to borrow yours. If you do not follow up she assumes you do not think she can do it!

Fact: Many Consultants think they must be more successful to share the career.

Is your recruiter responsible for your success?  Your new recruit has her own goals.

Fact: Prejudging is unfair.

Allow your prospect to decide her own future.  What if someone had prejudged that top Director? She might still be earning $7 an hour.

Fact: Consultants often do not ask for help in recruiting.

No woman is an island.  The little questions you have are very important to your success. Ask them:  Ask for help in interviewing. Ask for help in following up.

Fact: Often Consultants think they are a failure if their recruit does not stay in.

She has the same opportunity we have. You are not responsible for another's
success or failure. "You can bring the horse to water...."

Fact: Some Consultants think that they fail if their prospects do not say yes.

It is the nature of sales; it's numbers, numbers, numbers. Quit being so hard on yourself.

Fact: If we think less of our own fears and more of the benefits to her, we will recruit!

Get out there and talk to everyone!   

Get excited about YOUR future!

Get excited about HER future!