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Tips from Ruth Hawkins

Some of you may or may not know who Ruth Hawkins is so I will give you a bit of background. Ruth was Julie Weaver's next door neighbor and made Director in LESS than 1 year after signing her agreement! She now drives a Pink Cadillac and is on her way to TOP Director!! She definitely has MUCH to share with us in regards to Recruiting. Do EVERYTHING SHE SAYS... ALWAYS copy the people who are in the place YOU want to be!!

How to bag up a tape

Go to the dollar store and get those small bags you put candy in for kids parties or use clear or partially clear wrapping paper cut in to large squares so you can tie it.
Put in the following:

  • Career Study Questionnaire (on this website under downloads)
  • Mary Kay Career Study Information Sheet (on this website under downloads)
  • CD (use Julie's)
  • Business Card (if you have one)
  • Lipstick sample/lotion sample (optional and not necessary)

How to hand out a tape

Remember…we are all scared or nervous at times….just think this way - let me just see how many no's I can get, and go for it! - if you always think in those terms, you will come away with yes's every time…go for the 30 no's….it will be impossible for you to get that many no's and just think of the yes's you will have trying to achieve a goal of 30 no's!

AND….the worst thing any one can ever say to you is no…but if you want to approach someone and don't, then what you say to yourself for not approaching them will always be worse than that no they MIGHT have said to you - trust me on this one, personal experience is talking here!

You can hand out a tape either at a facial, a skin care class, trunk show, or just by meeting someone when you are out and about.

If you notice someone in a class/facial, just ask them if they would take the tape home, listen to it in the next day or two and then get back with you to give the tape back, and give you their opinion of the tape and you will give them a free lipstick.

If you are in Walmart and see someone you want to approach, do the following and see what happens:Excuse me, I just love your sweater, or I just love your haircut…or just get right in to it and say…I am with Mary Kay cosmetics and I would LOVE to give you a pamper session! If they say yes, then give them your card and get their name and number. Then say….just one more thing. I am giving away free lipstick this month…OR….I have been challenged to see just how many FREE lipsticks I can give away - can you believe it! All you have to do is listen to this tape, put the tape in their hand!, and tell them it is your million dollar directors story, and if nothing else, they will be inspired by her story. (I have gotten several recruits this way, just because they were in it for the free lipstick) When would be the best time for me to call you and get your opinion of the tape? Tomorrow or Friday? What is the best time for you, morning or evening. 6 or 7? Ok, I can't wait to hear your opinion, talk with you on Friday at 7.

**when you hand out a tape, be sure to set up a time right then to call them or meet with them in person to get their opinion of the tape, and have your lipsticks with you!

How to do an interview

In person or via phone...

Items to have with you:
  • Career Study Questionnaire
  • Career Study Information Sheet (fact sheet)
  • Applause Magazine
  • Agreements
  • MK Pin (we are now calling them a signing - not an interview…assume that they will sign. Lay out the agreement and the pin with the fact sheet when they arrive…they can immediately get their pin and they see how nice it looks!)
  • Pen/Paper for any notes you might want to take

If you are going to the signing in person, then you will just ask them if they have your tape, and if they filled out the career study questionnaire. If they do not have either, just go ahead and begin (see below)…..if they did fill out the questionnaire, take a minute to look at what their answers are and skip over asking them what they liked most about the tape. You want to capitalize on the answers they have given. For instance if they liked the fact they could stay at home with their children, you don't want to emphasize the car they can earn at this point. You want to show them that Mary Kay can give them what they are searching for/wanting out of a job/wanting out of life….because we all know that Mary Kay is doing that for us as we speak!

If you are doing a signing via telephone, you just start right in as follows:

Hi ________ this is ________ with Mary Kay cosmetics how are you? GREAT! Do you have a minute? I wanted to get your opinion on the tape that I gave you yesterday. (If they have not listened to it yet, then set another time within 48 hours to call them back.)

  • What intrigued you most about the tape?
  • Tell me about yourself…..are you married/single/have children?
  • What do you do?
  • What do you like most about your current position?
  • What do you like least?
  • Do you have the Career Study Information Sheet handy? I am going to go over this information with you and it helps to have it in front of you. If not, that's ok, I would just like for you to get out a pen and paper so that you can see for yourself just what this business can do for you and your income. (have them write down the figures under the section that explains what 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours can do for them financially)
  • If I could show you how to earn $11,000 or more a year, would you be open minded enough to listen?
  • Go over Mary Kay's philosophies
  • Six Qualities of Success
  • What you can expect from classes & reorders after one year (remember to tell them that is just the first year, that reorders will double the 2nd year, etc because they are doing the same thing year after year)
  • Hypothetically speaking, if you were to become a consultant, knowing your current schedule, how many hours would you have to put towards Mary Kay, knowing that 2 hours is one class, 4 hours is two classes, etc.
  • Now I know it isn't financial freedom, but would it help?
  • What do you think you would spend it on?
  • Open up the Applause Magazine - and tell them about how it features consultants/directors/new products/new fads, etc. Then go to the back and tell them about all the women who are making great money - give them some of the figures you see. Give them Julie's income.
  • What do all of those women have that you don't? Some are shy, young, old, big, little. I figured if they can do it, so can I.
  • Turn the page over and briefly discuss facials, trunk shows, skin care classes, management and the important facts section.
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to give this a try and order your case?
  • If they say anything other than a yes….ask them where they are on a scale of 1-10.
  • What is it that is making you hold back?
  • How can I get you to a 10?

If the are scared…..If I can give you the words, would you be willing to learn?

If they say the don't have the time……You can work this around any schedule….you told me you had 2 hours a week that you could work on this. All you have to do is pick the 2 hours at your convenience. (You can also tell about Melanie and her 5 kids and nursing job, Jeri's car situation, Paula being a single mom of 3)

If money……this usually is not the real issue…money never holds a woman back from what they want (we all know we would go in the hole to buy that "to die for" dress!)…explain they do not use their personal money, they treat it as a business from the start. Get a sponsor - a family member, or multiple family members, a credit card, a loan from the bank.

If they want to think about it…..tell them that you will call them back the very next day - set up a time. We all take a poll although we don't mean to. Explain to them that if they really want to do it, then they might as well give it a try - its just a $100 decision and it is refundable if they do in fact decide it is not for them.

If they ask about there being any more money involved other than the $100. Do not be scared of this - it is always better to be up front with this, we do not want anyone to feel that we have hidden anything from them for any reason. Do not go in to any details about packages or dollar amounts.

I explain to them that there will be a second decision they will have to make, and that is how they will start their business. The only mandatory thing that must do to stay active with Mary Kay is to order $180 every year, and we all know that amount can easily be used up by ourselves and gifts. They could do catalog orders, have a small amount of inventory or a large amount of inventory. Any way they want to start is fine with me, BUT, if they really want to work this business seriously and start if off right, then they need to get as much money together as they can so they can have product on hand immediately to service their customers; I would not be doing them any favors telling them otherwise….people like to have the product immediately, we all know that. Then I tell them that I will help them any way that they decide to go - fast or slow.