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    HOW TO HAVE A $1,500 WEEK

    Have you ever had a $1,500 week? I just experienced my first one. It felt
    so great! I've decided to make this my goal each week! Here are some tips
    below to help you have your $1,500 week.

    1. Have 6 different places to go per day. (Bank, Dentist/Dr's office,
      schools, or any other type of business).
    2. Give out samples, brochures, and business cards like candy.
    3. When you give someone a sample, have them fill out the information on the
      sales ticket. Write down the sample that you gave her. Assume the sale! I
      usually wait a few days, then I go back with the full size product in a bag
      just as if they had ordered it. Nine times out of ten I sell it. If it's in
      front of them they will buy it.
    4. Say, "Just for trying this sample you can receive a 10% discount if you
      decide to purchase it. So, I just need you to put your name, address, and
      phone number on this ticket and I will make a note for the discount. Do you
      have an email address?" If yes, "Could you write it on this line please?"
    5. Have your car loaded down with product.
    6. Put all of your glamour items in a Hot Wheels car holder. (About $5 in
      the toy section at Wal-Mart).
    7. Have at least one of each color of all the glamour.
    8. Have at least one of everything in a cooler, box, etc. Even if you don't
      think you'll sell a certain product, take it anyway. You will sell what you
      show and promote.
    9. Have plenty of samples, sales tickets, books, calculator and change. I
      keep all of this in my Go Book with my Date Book.
    10. Learn what day is payday. (Don't be afraid to ask). They love for you to
      come on payday. They want to buy.
    11. Don't get discouraged if they don't buy right then. Sometimes it all
      depends on what type of mood they're in. I had a customer who said she
      didn't need anything, so I started showing some of the other girls in the
      office the custom compact, etc. She came over to where I was and decided
      that she had to have one by the next day that she was going out of town.
      Sometimes they try to out buy each other. That's fun too.
    12. Ask some of the employees if they would introduce you to their boss.
      Let them know who you are, give them bunches of free samples, (they will love
      you for it). Tell them about your gift service and how you deliver.
    13. When you get home each day record your sales on your summary sheet,
      computer, date book, etc. This will help you stay focused. I enter my new
      customers in my computer and bag up their order just in case they liked what
      they tried.
    14. Prepare for the next day. Make your list of where you want to go. Call
      your customers that work outside the home and tell them you want to drop some
      samples by. No one says no to free samples.

Here's how your $1,500 week adds up.
Based on my selling history, my average sale per stop is $50.
Six stops per day = $300 in sales per day.
$300 per day x five days per week = $1,500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn what your average is;
if it's not $50 per stop then you'll need to visit more than six places per
day. The key to this is getting up, getting dressed, and getting out of the
house. You will sell if you're out and about. Good luck & God Bless!
Stephanie Rice