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Basket Ideas!

COFFEE & CREAM, COCOA & CREAM . . . $15 plus tax
Always a favorite!! In a mug is a hand cream and a package of gourmet flavored coffee or hot cocoa mix. Packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with a beautiful ribbon.

KISS & HUGS BASKETS . . . $12-$30 plus tax
A small basket with Satin Lips and/or a lipstick or lip gloss nestled in hugs candies in a cello bag tied up with beautiful ribbon.

SPA BASKET* . . . $24-$30 plus tax
A private spa collection shower gel and body lotion with a netted sponge packed neatly into a shower basket. Packaged in a cellophane bag tied up with beautiful ribbon.

MEDITERRANEAN SPA BASKET* . . . $29 plus tax
Exotic Terme D’isola (“Island of the Spa:) Moisturizing Body Wash, Body Smoothing Scrub and Hydrating Body Lotion with a netted sponge in a shower basket, packaged in a cellophane bag tied up with beautiful ribbon. *Can include a spa CD for $15 extra.

SATIN HANDS BASKET . . . $32 plus tax
A large terra cotta flower pot filled with a pampering Satin Hands set, a packet of seeds and gardening gloves. Packaged in a cellophane bag and tied up with a beautiful ribbon.

SPRING GARDEN BASKET . . . $28.50 plus tax
A terra cotta flower pot filled with a nail color, hand cream, a lipstick to match the nail color, a packet of flower seeds and a pair of gardening gloves packaged in a cellophane bag with a beautiful ribbon.

SUMMER FUN BASKET . . . $22 plus tax
A colorful sand pail with shovel holds a Sun Essentials Sunblock, Lip Protector nestled in green shred, and a mini tube of Sunless Tanning Lotion or Body Lotion tied to the handle. This idea started out with our own Tracie Bebeau and is making it’s way across the country in emails and newsletters everywhere after we sent out the picture of a baby shower gift she made last year. Here’s the expanded version for Mother’s Day – perfect for a new mommie!

LOADED DIAPER . . . $35 plus tax
Start with a plush teddy bear (about 12-15 inches – can find them for around $8), and put a size 5 diaper on it. Then you take white tissue paper and load up the diaper. You can put any products in the diaper you want. Spa products and Satin Hands is really popular. It looks like the teddy bear has all this products in his lap sticking out of the diaper.
The mom gets the MK products and the baby gets the bear!

COMPLETE SPA SET....$45 plus tax
Put the complete spa set in a large merchandising bag (Miracle Set Bag) take the items out of the box put the boxes in the back of the bag and the product in front with the mist in the middle, add a rose to color coordinate.

(Cellophane bags are available through Lasting Impressions: