Firecracker Instruction
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Here is a great idea to get you into Star Consultant status THIS WEEK. Select 24 ladies -- especially your best clients, co-workers, family friends. Offer them the deal of the century. They may choose $100 in retail Mary Kay products and receive them for ONLY $75. Tell this is a ONE-TIME OFFER THIS YEAR to help you win a very exciting contest Mary Kay is promoting right now!

Tell them you must have their order and $$$ by 5PM on __________. Your actual cutoff can be March 13th; however, people tend to be procrastinators so I would ONLY give them a week to get their sales to you. This way, once you hit the $1800 goal the last two weeks of February , you can select 24 other ladies, do it the FIRST two weeks in March (by the 13th) to have additional funds to move your status up to Ruby, Diamond or even Emerald!

24 orders @ $75 each gives you $1800 and YOU ARE A STAR CONSULTANT! Make your list and start dialing for dollars

We will celebrate you as a STAR in one week! For those of you with a larger client list, you can do 24 people x $75 for next 4 weeks ... WOW! You can also mail the LOOK book or beauty book (whatever you have) to those clients who work in an office to take orders there! Many companies ONLY work through catalog sales and you can do BOTH! Be sure they get you the name/home/work/cell numbers of those they are taking extra OUTSIDE ORDERS FROM. This way you can call and make the deliveries personally in the office, meet ALL THOSE NEW LEADS AND BOOK THEM FOR MAKEOVERS. New clients ... YEAH!

Remember the quarter ends March 15th. No lay-a-ways or payment plans for this offer. You need the $ in hand. Take only checks you can clear to use for your order(s).