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Make Star Consultant in 10 DAYS!
(Taken from NSD Pat Fortenberry)

  • First step........ Decide to make this happen for you!
  • Second step.....Get your "tennies" on and GO!!
  • Third step....... Enjoy your journey of achievement!!
    1. Contact Birthdays and offer a birthday makeover . Offer 15% off their purchases if they share it with a friend. (Do 3 faces =$100.00)
    2. Contact six customers who work outside the home to do a $100 bag challenge. Offer each who completes the challenge a set of designer brushes or the large travel organizer. (1= $100)
    3. Call May and June Anniversaries and offer husbands gift buying services.
      (3 sales = $100.)
    4. Book 5 and Hold 5 new selling appointments ($300)
    5. Have a $1000 Day Challenge and offer 15% off to all existing customers offer a lipstick 1/2 off with a $30 purchase ($300 - $1000)
    6. Call customers for Just Because/Friendship gifts (5 customers = $100)
    7. Contact basic skin care customers and introduce one other product line.Offer 15% to try a complete Body care, spa, Nail care, etc.
      (5 new productline sets = $100)
    8. Challenge a son, daughter, or spouse to sell (Mother in laws & mothers too) $100.00.
    9. Contact Preferred Customers and set up 10 personal services appointments. (10=$300)
    10. Deliver Reorders and up sell by selling at least one additional item percustomer (15 customer up sells = $100)
    11. Hold a Phone lottery (call as many customers as you can in an hour and tell your customers one of them will receive their order free) (20customers = $200.00)
    12. Demo the Terme' D Isola collection or Spa Collections on 5 people/day ($100)
    13. Contact customers for seasonal reprogramming, sun care and skin supplement needs. (3 sales = $100)
    14. Book and hold Two Aromatherapy classes and demonstrate Satin Hands, Spa and Nail Care ($300)
    15. Offer gift-buying ideas for Brides, Back to School Students Care Packages
      (Sell 5 gifts = $100)
    16. Hand out 10 Product samples in a day and call prospects for feedback and orders (book 2 and Sell $100)
    17. Call 10 customers who have not had a recheck facial - hold 3 ($100)
    18. Book 2 guests for Monday night meeting to be your model and offer her 1 glamour item 1/2 off when she purchases $30 (3 models = $100)
There it is,... when you implement these 18 suggestions, you will have sold a Star Order and have a profit.